• How Secure is the Public Wifi?

    How secure do you think you are when you connect to unsecured wifi?

    How secure is public wifi?
    How Secure is the Public Wifi?
  • WhiteHacks CTF

    WhiteHacks CTF organized by WhiteHats Society

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    WhiteHacks CTF
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    The “Whitehat Society” is an Singapore Management University (SMU) School of Information Systems (SIS) Special Interest Group (SIG) founded by a group of students who are passionate about cybersecurity

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    We are recruiting!

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Whitehat Bootcamp

The Whitehat bootcamp will be a series of workshop with various speakers coming into equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge with regards to the latest cyber security trends!

GovernmentWare 2015

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Singapore, is proud to present the 24th GovernmentWare seminar and exhibition. This annual event, convened since 1991, will be held from 6 to 8 October 2015.

What is Whitehat?

The term "whitehat" in Internet slang refers to an ethical hacker, or a computer security expert, who specializes in penetration testing and in other testing methodologies to ensure the security of an organization's information systems. Ethical hacking is a term coined by IBM meant to imply a broader category than just penetration testing. White-hat hackers are also called "sneakers", red teams, or tiger teams. -- Quoted from Wikipedia --