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MWRInfoSecurity Talk

How Secure do you think your android phone is? Are only rooted android phones vulnerable to malware? Sai Sathya narayan Venkatraman came down from MWR InfoSecurity to share on how exactly an adversary can make use of a malicious application you have installed on your phone to extract passwords, make rogue phone calls on infected cellphones, overcome root detection.

During the 2 hour talk, participants got a very quick overview on how static malware analysis on android phone could be done and did a hands-on practical challenge at the end of the session where participants were given a T-shirt if they could solve the challenge!

Some of the tools that were discussed and used during the hands-on session were drozer, dex2jar and android phone emulator using ubuntu iso image. If you would like to know more feel free, please email WhiteHats Society to get more details!

Some of the participants at MWR Info Security Session

Some of the participants at MWR Info Security Session